Coprolalia, Feb 25th

Antarctica has stigmata
Sweet come down, let’s make a movie
In praise of Boston’s ugliest buildings (they look like UCSD)
The optimal napping time
Because planes are so comfortable, I want to live in them

Metronomy + Fool’s Gold


I went and saw Metronomy last Thursday at the Loft. The Loft is a pretty cool venue; it’s part of the newly built extension to the UCSD student union. It’s cozy and intimate, especially because UCSD undergrads are pretty lame about going to see musicians (Colin Meloy played a free outdoor show last spring that must’ve attracted maybe a hundred people max…on a campus of 25,000). The Loft has the added benefit of having shows that are $5 (or pay what you can). Cheap!

Anyway, Metronomy was pretty good live. I’d say they come across much better live than they do on headphones – their music is pretty danceable, and bits that are boring on headphones are a lot of fun live. Their opener was Fool’s Gold which was kind of the opposite: aside from one song, they’re the type of band that I’d love to sit at a bar and listen to, but not really what I want to see before a band like Metronomy. They’re too chill.

Now, here’s a good track from each band to enjoy.

Metronomy – Not Made For Love [mediafire]
Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel [mediafire]