Neuroscience we can believe in

As a neuroscientist, I often wonder when we will be controlling everything with our minds.  Well, obviously we already kind of do that.  But why do I want to be a chump who has to use his mind to reach out his hand to pick up a ping pong ball?  Why can’t I just use my mind to telepathically activate fans to make the ping pong ball float?  Well don’t worry, now for $80 you can!  Look at this innovative toy:

bits_mindflex480I know as a child, I always wanted a toy where I had to concentrate really hard and turn a nob to…make a ball go in a circle.  Seriously.  Hours of fun right there.  Hours.

I do imagine it would be quite cool to try once, however.    Maybe one day they’ll make a, you know, fun mind control toy.