In the future, all music will be death metal performed by robots

At least, that’s my takeaway from this story:

The robot band Compressorhead is a trio of hulking metallic machines designed to play real instruments. Stickboy, the four-armed, mohawked, headbanging drummer, who even has a mini-me on the hi-hat. The guitarist, Fingers, has 78 hydraulic fingers — wires stream out from the arms to trigger notes along the entire fretboard. Bones is on the bass.

“They have the poses of rock gods, those robots. The bass player’s definitely the most photogenic,” says Shar Try, who was up on the stage snapping shots of Compressorhead as they banged their heads and swished their hips.

The music video is also excellent. Between this and holographic 3D anime idols, what chance do us meatcreatures have?

The future: brought to you by Microsoft

At the risk of posting too many youtube videos on my blog, here’s yet another one. But you’ll love it! This is a clip of some of the research going on now to let people easily control their electronics with their mind. Well, with their muscles. But not the muscles that you’d usually use! Anyway, I could easily imagine some kind of armband with easily-attached EMGs; I can’t imagine that would be too hard.

And yes, they’ve applied for a patent for it.

The future is now

cyborgbeetleThe future is now, and it is the cyborg beetle! Yes I shit you not, this is as awesome as it sounds. I had a friend who tried to make a lobster prosthetic once, but apparently it gets all wet and the shell makes it more difficult than it should be. I can’t wait to make myself a cyborg ant, one day. The paper is here, detailing the cyborg in all its machine glory. It injects -1.5 V of current into ‘the brain’ which starts (or stops) the flying motion, then controls the left and right wings with current injected into the muscles. They can do some other nifty things by injecting current into ‘the brain’ as well. They try to make the beetle fly by giving it a virtual reality screen, but apparently that is less effective. Stupid intelligent beetles.