Bee raves

Meandering through an issue of Science I found a small report on bee raves! Unfortunately, the report wasn’t as exciting as the title made it out to be. Some scientists wanted to find out if maybe cocaine acted as an insecticide, so they went out and gave small amounts of cocaine to bees. The result? Bees, which do a little dance to signal where and how important new sources of pollen are, danced even more when dosed with cocaine. Both the amount of dancing and the vigor of dancing increased from cocaine. Also, bees apparently suffer cocaine withdrawal. Silly bees.

And can you imagine being those scientists? Hello, I am a scientist, I give cocaine to bees and watch them dance, good thing I got a PhD.

Here is a great video of bees from the BBC, but they won’t let me embed it into my blog so you’re going to have to visit the youtubes.