Art for the Week – Alex Prager and Andreas Fischer

o_alexprager-8I found a great new art blog – but does it float.  Here are two interesting artists, Alex Prager and Andreas Fischer.  Go, look at these artists, click on the pictures in these links for more from the collections.


Pictures: Salk Edition

I set up a flickr account last night. Actually, I reactivated a flickr account that I had apparently created three years ago which, mysteriously, contains one picture of Wawel Castle that I had taken long ago. Anyway, here are a few images of where I am currently working, the Salk Institute.

The parking lot at sunset. Yes, this is what I see every day when I go home and it is ridiculous.
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Making big things small

I often say that one dream of every scientist is to make small things giant (ie, spiders) and giant things small (ie, elephants). Or maybe that’s just me.

tilt-shift1I can’t quite fulfill my dream with living creatures, yet, but I can do it with pictures. Tilt-shift photography is a method to transform normal photos into pictures of miniatures. I used this tutorial to make the pictures above and below. I’m not sure if it worked out? The picture above was taken when I was in Venice a couple of years ago. A certain reader should recognize the picture below as taken from the Frankfurt train station in the early morning (from when I visited Frankfurt/Heidelberg).

If you have a hankering for more of these, check out this spectacular collection of tilt-shift photography and videos.


Art for the week – Last Days of the Old North

WordPress apparently has a feature that suggests blog posts that I might be interested in, based on the tags in my posts. It had a pretty cool selection of art posts.

One of my old favorite collections is this set of black and white photographs taken in Manchester in the 1970’s. Manchester was in the midst of a decades long fall from its height as the manufacturing center of Britain, in a way that is very analogous to what is happening to Detroit today. The flickr set has comments, and if you have time it is worth going through and learning a little bit about the decay of a great city.