Coprolalia, 12/27

– Some of the most innovative and unique art in the past twenty years has been the proliferation of new optical illusions. So go hallucinate.
– I’m more surprised that this isn’t in Japan; robot waiters: because they have a better service attitude than humans.
– The first time lightning has been captured by an x-ray camera. Lightning has a cool (but expected) beam rising to the heavens.
– An awesome collection of japanese graphic design.
– For you math nerds: Terry Tao has come across an interesting problem in control theory.

Animated music videos: otaku style

There are two things I love in this world: animation and music. When the two come together, the combination is glorious. I was very pleased when a friend of mine posted some sweet music videos with animation instead of live-action. The Madvillain video is particularly good. I think it may be a new favorite? But my friend has gotten up to these animated music video hijinks in the past.

One variety of animated music video I have always been fond of is the anime kind. Anime music videos are great because it allows people with no drawing skill to come up with animated music videos of their own! Just download some anime, spend a lot of time snipping it up, add some background music and BAM, you’ve just made some art.

Now most are pretty angsty or sappy, but there are plenty of good videos. I’m going to leave with one of the weirder of the set, which is a series of music videos done to be the visualization of the classic Daft Punk album, Discovery. The whole series was sanctioned by Daft Punk, which I guess goes to show how weird/awesome those guys are. Anyway, here are the first two ‘episodes’ of Interstella 5555.

The rest are here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11