Where the pictures are the maps

Someone took data from Panoramia and made a series of maps showing where the most touristy places are, as well as the most interesting remote places. In a similar vein, someone else dug through Flickr and Picassa and found the most photographed areas around various world cities. For instance, here are London, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Tokyo.

Oh, and while we’re at it, here are ten maps that changed the world, or something silly like that.

These things are all the same


A cool visualization of how far one is from McDonalds that’s been making the rounds lately. Of course, everywhere this is posted, people bemoan how terrible America is, how sad it is that McDonalds is everywhere, etc etc. But really, isn’t this just an example of urbanization? Below are some other maps that do not show geological or political phenomena (ie, ocean borders, lakes, etc) but still give the same map of the US. I’m sure there are others of the US/world out there…but I couldn’t find them.
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