Coprolalia, March 7th

[Pictured: The Lion King]

Deep-sea bacteria form a long-range signaling network, just like in Avatar

DARPA: Where amazing happens

We’re getting a new penny

Where is rich in the USA?

Chasing the perfect chef

Robots totally rule, and don’t you forget it

Architecture review of Las Vegas by an extremely biased New Yorker

Homeless Chic: China’s coolest man

I’m pretty much a huge sucker for noir

Diplomacy can be confusing

A Yellowstone fox catches dinner

Too long have the British menaced our shores

New York City and Las Vegas, from far above

Bye bye, tuna rolls

Some more good advice on being a graduate student

Scene length in movies is converging on a 1/f distribution…like everything else in the world

like a disease or a very efficient mold

Here’s one of the most impressive gif’s I’ve seen in a while.  This is a series of satellite photos of Las Vegas from 1984 to 2009 (click the picture if it’s not changing for you).  It is slightly ridiculous how fast a city with no water in the middle of the desert can grow.  What was that about a housing bubble?