December roundup

It’s the end of the month, so time for little thoughts on everything I’ve read.

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Mini-review: RocknRolla

rocknrolla-0The latest Guy Ritchie film, RocknRolla, is exactly what you’d expect: think Snatch but with Russians instead of Gypsies. The story has something to do with a real estate scam that goes slightly wrong when a painting gets stolen. That’s really the whole plot. A lot of other stuff happens, but it I spent most of the movie confused as to what was happening and why the story was evolving in this way.

As the movie progresses, the number of characters increases exponentially and it gets a little hard to keep track of them all. The plot is a little confusing and not that gripping. I guess Guy Ritchie either needs a new shtick or needs to be able to pull off his shtick as well as he used to. Oh, it is still entertaining to watch at times. It has such a unique sense of self that it is always at least somewhat interesting, and it has his typical dry humor. He has also clearly improved in some aspects of his filmmaking – the cinematography and visuals are better than in his previous films. But other than that, the movie doesn’t have too much going for it.