Quote: You are going to die.

A pessimist manifesto:

“First of all things are not going to work out. You are going to die. Your friends and family are going to die. Everything you care about and everything you ever worked for will be destroyed. This story, our story, only has one ending and it is death and destruction.

If you don’t recognize that, you are living in a fantasy world.

Second, even in the short term your plans almost certainly won’t work out. Most ideas are bad ideas and there are infinitely more ways to fuck something up than to get it right.”


Doom doom death’n’destruction

I’m glad all these universities are deciding, for some reason, that they should put their lectures online, even if the selection is usually slim. I looked through Yale’s courses recently and one course caught my eye – Death. Man, if universities are going to educate you about one thing, death sure seems like something they should prepare you for. Anyway, I think I’ll start ‘taking’ the course free of charge. Thanks, Yale.