Wok and roll

I have to ask: is Wok and roll the best name ever, or bestest name ever? Apparently it is the current name of the restaurant where John Wilkes Booth plotted to kill Lincoln. This captivating Ted talk is a great and varied look at the history of “Chinese” food in America. Also, the reactions of Chinese to fortune cookies is priceless.

Do you read from the heavenly book?


In English we say, “It’s all greek to me” when we don’t understand what someone is saying. Apparently, tons of other languages have that saying but for different languages. In Yiddish, it’s all Aramaic. The Korean equivalent is Hebrew. Tons of languages point to the Chinese as the epitomy of undecipherability. Here’s a flow-chart describing how they’re all connected. I like that everyone flows to the Chinese – who flow to the Heavenly script (our Chinese postdoc said the equivalent is “reading from the Heavenly book”).