Hops flavors

I am from the PNW so of course I love hops. Here are some popular hops flavors:

Centennial: This member of the “American C’s” (along with Chinook, and Cascade) has the most pronounced flowers and citrus. A medium aroma with mid-to-high bittering value makes it a great all-purpose hop. The fantastic grapefruit and subtle pine notes of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is an excellent example of this hop. Big Hunt always has a fresh keg of this popular beer on tap for you to taste.

Hallertau: Named for the region in Germany it is grown in, it is a staple of many German beers. This noble hop imparts a mild taste with huge aromas of spice and fruit. These usually create the subtle hop flavors of your favorite Hefeweizens and Oktoberfests. The newly-opened Biergarten Haus will have all of your Hallertau needs.

Saaz: This classic hop is known for its spicy and slightly peppery notes. Low alpha acids make this one used primarily for flavoring. When you taste Pilsner Urquell, you’re tasting the Saaz. You can often find this on tap at The Reef.

Challenger: A newcomer to the British beer movement, this flavoring agent starts slightly spicy, but remains fruity throughout: think tart fruits without the bitterness. Coniston’s Bluebird Bitter is a delicious, low alcohol (3.6% ABV) beer exemplifying the new wave of British brewing. CommonWealth usually carries this in bottles.

Warrior: This hop imparts only subtle flavors but is important in American craft beers. It has a large role in some of the bigger beers we’ve come to love due to their huge acid profile (upwards of three times the amount of some varietals). Dogfish 60, 90, and 120 minute beers are great examples of this and can be found anywhere from the revered ChurchKey to the rockin’ DC9.

Fuggles: While a quintessential British ingredient, Fuggles are also used in Belgian ales for their light flavors. Slightly woody and almost earthy tones make it wonderfully mild and multidimensional. Westmalle Triple predominantly uses Fuggles and is available at Brassiere Beck and Belga Café.

Here are a lot of other hops flavors, and of course Wikipedia has more.

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