Art for the Week – Alex Prager and Andreas Fischer

o_alexprager-8I found a great new art blog – but does it float.  Here are two interesting artists, Alex Prager and Andreas Fischer.  Go, look at these artists, click on the pictures in these links for more from the collections.



I have no clue where it came from, but I have a picture of an octophant on my octophant3desktop.  Where did this octophant come from?  I have absolutely no clue.  Maybe he was downloaded, maybe he just showed up one day to make his home on my desktop.  Something about the picture really tickles me.  I think the “I should not be!” sign really makes it perfect.  I was wondering where the heck this thing came from, so I went a googlin’.

Apparently there is a whole series of Octophant images!  Who knew that such an unholy chimera was so common?  More interestingly, I found a description of how the guy came up with the drawing.  I seriously want a pet octophant (preferably a dwarf, no larger than my cat).