Bach the Thug

Archival sources, including school inspector reports, reveal that Bach’s education was troubled by gang warfare and bullying, sadism and sodomy – as well as his own extensive truancy…documents damn the boys as “rowdy, subversive, thuggish, beer- and wine-loving, girl-chasing … breaking windows and brandishing their daggers”. He added: “More disquieting were rumours of a ‘brutalisation of the boys’ and evidence that many parents kept their children at home – not because they were sick, but for fear of what went on in or outside school.”

I guess Bach was a teenage thug, though that seems like it was pretty par for the course back in the day.  Also, Mozart apparently loved scatological humor as seen in this beautiful letter to his cousin:

Well, I wish you good night

But first shit into your bed and make it burst.

Sleep soundly, my love

Into your mouth your arse you’ll shove.

Squarepusher – Come on my selector

Pitchfork put out a couple of silly lists of the best music videos and singles of the 90s and that seems to get people somewhat riled up. Oh no a snobby music site disagrees with me slightly! Must put a short article up on my tumblr admitting disagreement while affecting emotional distance!

In other news, I hadn’t seen this video before and it is pretty cool, I think you will agree.

Things I’ve been listening to lately, Feb 2010 edition

You know what’s great? Music. In no particular order:

The Radio Dept – Heaven’s on Fire [mediafire]
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks [mediafire]
Club 8 – Western Hospitality [mediafire]
Woods – Rain On [mediafire]
Souls of Mischief – 93 til Infinity [mediafire]
Tape Deck Mountain – On My Honor (Letting Up Despite Great Faults Remix) [mediafire]
The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! – Fast Forward Regrets [mediafire]
Bjork – Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix) [mediafire]
Tonstartssbandht – Black Country [mediafire]


It’s getting near the end of the year, so it’s time to do all that “end of year” stuff. Here’s a mix I made a while ago and meant to upload sooner. Now’s as good a time as any, though. When I was working on the mix, something felt ‘off’ for a long time. Eventually, I figured out that I wasn’t putting any SoCal in it. Anyway, this is what it feels like to live in SoCal to me, despite missing out on all the nofi (No Age, Crocodiles, etc.) that I listen to.

1. Miles Davis – Summertime
2. Washed Out – Get Up
3. Crystal Castles – Alice Practice
4. The Jezabels – Disco Biscuit Love (Dept. remix)
5. Miles Davis – Boplicity
6. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Fiction
7. The Drums – Lets Go Surfing
8. Lilofee – Lock and Key
9. Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington – I’m Beginning to See the Light
10. Oh Darling – Shoulda Never
11. The Teenagers – Love, No (Delorean Remix)
12. The Voyces – Let Me Die In Southern California
13. Delorean – Deli
14. Miles Davis – Time After Time
15. Brasstronaut – Requiem for a Scene
16. Soko – I’ll Kill Her
17. Ros Sereysothea + Seang Vanthy – The Jam 5 Kai Thiet “Wait 5 More Months”

[zip of the full album]

Music at the moment

More music videos that I can’t stop watching, both bizarre. The one above is for Ramona Falls, “I Say Fever” – I’d never heard of this band before it popped up on a friend’s gchat message. [Update: Aha! This band is composed of 1/3 of Menomena. Now that I know that, the similarities are pretty blindingly apparent. Good job PDX…]

This is…a crazy japanese video. Of course. Pay attention to the use of color!

Why? at the Loft


I saw Why? at the Loft last night. Alopecia was one of my favorite albums from 2008 – one of those that seems okay at first, you know, a couple of catchy songs but nothing special. Then you listen to it a few more times and there’s more and more there, with lyrics that won’t leave your head. It was kind of a strange concert in that it started about 11:30 PM and had no opening band. Who’s ever heard of a rock concert with no opening band? The concert had more than the normal share of drunken assholes, which kind of killed some of the mood for me. Other than that it was a pretty decent concert.

Anyway, Ezra Furman and the Harpoons are playing tonight, but I’m too worn out by the week to go see them. The one song I have by them is catchy and amusing. Listen away…

Why? – The Vowels Pt. 2 [mediafire]
Why? – The Hollows [mediafire]
Ezra Furman and the Harpoons – Take Off Your Sunglasses (live) [mediafire]

Metronomy + Fool’s Gold


I went and saw Metronomy last Thursday at the Loft. The Loft is a pretty cool venue; it’s part of the newly built extension to the UCSD student union. It’s cozy and intimate, especially because UCSD undergrads are pretty lame about going to see musicians (Colin Meloy played a free outdoor show last spring that must’ve attracted maybe a hundred people max…on a campus of 25,000). The Loft has the added benefit of having shows that are $5 (or pay what you can). Cheap!

Anyway, Metronomy was pretty good live. I’d say they come across much better live than they do on headphones – their music is pretty danceable, and bits that are boring on headphones are a lot of fun live. Their opener was Fool’s Gold which was kind of the opposite: aside from one song, they’re the type of band that I’d love to sit at a bar and listen to, but not really what I want to see before a band like Metronomy. They’re too chill.

Now, here’s a good track from each band to enjoy.

Metronomy – Not Made For Love [mediafire]
Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel [mediafire]

Blog buzz for brasstronaut

So I guess this band Brasstronaut is getting a lot of buzz – at least the two demos that have been released so far are pretty high on hypem’s popular page. It’s kind of like a mix between Beirut and Grizzly Bear, I guess? Anyway, I dig the song and I love the music video. Listen in…

There is nothing more I want in life

Great music video. The Black Ghosts, “I Want Nothing”

Great animated video. “A record of life”, which is ‘loosely based on the scientific recording of life’s great species’, or something.

Rising, again

Oh dear, Fallout 3 was quite the drag on my productivity.  What a great game!  But I finally beat it, so we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Let’s return with an old music video for one of the most epic songs of all time.  Check out the really poor lipsynching and the sweet keyboard solo.  (Via Coates).

February Music Bests

This month had so much music! A lot of good CD’s, a lot of good singles, just a great music month in general. As usual, see my hypem page for all the gory details of what I listen to.


3. Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix) [mediafire]

I’m a softie for the long, slow, sad remixes with heavy beats. Especially ones that draw on a lil’ of the ol’ post-rock for inspiration. I haven’t listened to the original enough to determine which I like better, yet.

2. Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat (Ft. T-Pain) [mediafire]

I don’t like “funny” songs. Normally. I just can’t stop loving I’m On A Boat! The first time I heard it, I thought it was just a terrible, terrible hip hop song. Turned out, it was. But it also is funny and clever, and T-Pain really puts his all into the song. Natalie’s Rap [mediafire] is also, uh, transcendent.

1. The Click Five – Headlight Disco [mediafire]

I don’t like this band. I don’t like the vocal styles. I don’t like the musical style. I don’t like anything, individually, about this song. It’s just so damn catchy.  I can’t stop singing the chorus over and over in my head!  More 70’s than 80’s (I think), what they’ve crafted is a really great pop song; listen for yourself.


The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, The Pains Of being Pure At Heart

You know what pains me?  Agreeing with pitchfork two months in a row.  Especially for such a self-consciously hipstery band (see music video below).  But I’m judging this on the music, and I love this music.  The sound of 90’s shoegaze pop is a surefire hook into my soul.  Anyone channeling Lush or My Bloody Valentine is guaranteed to be on my playlist somewhere – this one just happens to have the whole CD on repeat.

Honorable mention goes to Fever Ray, the “solo project” of one member of The Knife, even though both members of the Knife work on Fever Ray.  Uhh, I don’t know how that works, but I think with a few more listens the Fever Ray album will be played all year.

January Music Bests

To catalogue my musical experiences for the month, I’m going to present my three favorite singles and my favorite CD that I found this month. I think the theme for the month was “folk/country”, surprisingly. A lot of the singles that I enjoyed (and found on hypemachine) were in that vein. I, of course, have my horrible taste on display at hypem to make it easy for everyone to judge me.

3. Jay-Z – My President Is Black [mediafire]
I think Obama’s inauguration is obscuring my better judgment, but hey, if there was any month to listen to this song, it was this January. Runner-up was the not-incredibly-inspired but incredibly-fun Royksopp remix, “What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Remix)” [mediafire].

2. Frontier Ruckus – Orion Town 2 [mediafire]
I love me some country/folk. And how can you not appreciate a band that will name themselves “Frontier Ruckus”?

1. Soko – I’ll Kill Her [mediafire]
A song by an obsessive, murdering ex-girlfriend with an adorable french accent. How can you not love it?

Deerhunter, Microcastle
Yeah, I’m finally jumping on the Deerhunter bandwagon. I don’t think it was as great as some other people do, but the soft vocals and tinkling music just kept drawing me in.

In other news, the Coachella lineup is out and once again it is awesome. Also, Lil’ Wayne is going to make a rock CD and the leaked songs are terrible.