Recent photo finds, 09/23

Employees sort logs on a bank of the Yenisei at the Novoyeniseisk wood processing plant

I collect photos that I like and stuff them in my Pictures folder on my laptop.  Here are some of the latest in my collection (after the fold).

kansas tumblr_ms5l9lEQVR1s7f3fyo1_1280 mang_mang1


Mang Mang

Anxiety Man (Moebius)Iranian battle-mask from the Safavid dynasty

Iranian battle mask, from the Safavid dynastykLv0ktm


Dancing bearscontrol room of a sub 1918

Control room in a sub (1918)black horse fly wasp from yellowstone

From A Beautiful Collection of Insectstanglewood-tales-they-never-once-thought little-folks-puss-in-boots-comforts-master

Old Children’s books, via. I love the brilliantly-coloured photos that they findabandoned castle tumblr_mne8gjjUIO1s35jzpo4_500 jiggler Norwegian waterfall

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