5 thoughts on “Blindfolded man

  1. Fantastic photo. What’s the story behind it? Where did you find?

  2. I have no idea where I found this, it’s one of many pictures I have on my hd with no reference unfortunately. Probably ffffound at some point. I did a reverse-search on tineye and found this:


    which at the least has cool pictures. My poor french didn’t let me understand what was going on (a satire?) and google translate didn’t seem to be that much help…

  3. Yes, this picture comes from my blog. It’s taken from a french ad from the sixties, for a bank or some finance products of some kind (something like “don’t invest your money blindfolded”).

    The text on my blog has nothing to do with this, it’s my fantasy about a bureaucratical super-hero secret service in France.

    Thank you for introducing me to tineye.

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