Academia, the standard by which very little is set


Ezster Hargittai of Crooked Timber has a new “advice” column for those looking to eventually get tenure. A lot of it is fairly obvious – try to network, be prepared, etc etc – but it’s also good to remember. One of the benefits of writing things down is that it standardizes and helps reinforce learning. So remember this advice, thou that wishes to become a tenured professor!

Too often I have had people ask me for advice on how to approach a situation too late in the process. For example, the year you are on the job market is not the right time to start wondering about how to make yourself a competitive candidate. Similarly, the year you are coming up for tenure is too late for plans that will help maximize your chances of a successful tenure and promotion review. The relevant strategies often take years of investment and work…

(Image from williac)

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