But what if I don’t want my tongue?

Apparently there is a creature known as a ‘tongue eating louse’. Seriously. And it eats tongues. Seriously. And its native habitat is the coast of California. Seriously. Why did I move here again?

Apparently, it (normally) is in a parasitic relationship with the spotted rose snapper. The parasite enters the fish’s mouth and sucks the blood out of the tongue until it whithers and dies off. Then the louse attaches onto the base of the tongue and acts as a replacement tongue for the fish! The fish can operate the louse like it was its own tongue. The louse doesn’t eat any of the food that comes in through the mouth, it just feeds a little on the fish’s blood and mucus every once in a while. Recently, it’s been found off the coast of Britain; watch out guys!

Luckily they’re not known to be harmful to humans; our louse of choice is head lice. Thank god! But if one does attach to you, just try swishing a bunch of hot sauce around in your mouth


One thought on “But what if I don’t want my tongue?

  1. Thanks for the nightmares.

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