The city of lost angels

One of the most shocking things about moving to Southern California is that I discovered LA. Turns out, it’s actually a really fun city. Sure, the traffic makes me want to cry, but other than that it’s a neat place.

Thanks to metafilter, I now have a cool site to use to figure out what to do when I visit. metafilter also has a great AskMeFi page detailing all kinds of great places to eat and go visit. Maybe I’ll go this weekend?

One other thing that has surprised me has been the music scene. I’m not a huge fan of the scene down here – at least I wasn’t until I discovered the whole no-fi genre. It’s spreading its noisy coils outwards from LA and San Diego and I really dig it. There’s a lot of great bands, most notably Wavves, No Age, and Crocodiles. And they’re all playing at Street Scene this August! Joys!

(Picture swiped from Flickr user dickuhne)


One thought on “The city of lost angels

  1. You’ve been out in the sun too long. You need some rain to cleanse your soul.

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