Spring Cleaning – debate edition

I have a lot of links and articles sitting around that I need to post on here.  This weekend will be spring cleaning time so I can get ’em all up here.

First off, we have a podcast of a debate over the question, “Is Bush the worst president of the past fifty years?”  It’s fascinating to hear and has some fairly intelligent debate.  Even better, the two people arguing against the charge are Bill Kristol and Karl Rove.  Plus you get to learn interesting vignettes like the fact that Nasser Arafat gave blood for Americans after 9/11.  Listening to the podcast is incredibly different four months after it was broadcast, what with the whole further-collapse-of-the-economy and all.


One thought on “Spring Cleaning – debate edition

  1. The whole debate is silly. Bush is hands down the worst in the past 50 years. The only debate is whether he is the worst President ever. His competition includes Buchanan who helped get the civil war going, but no one in my lifetime.

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