Mini-Review: The Interview

interview-00294If you were Steve Buschemi, what type of movie would you want your mottled visage to be in?  Would it be (a) a sweet action film, (b) a classic dark comedy, or (c) a movie whose whole purpose is that you get to make out with Sienna Miller?  Well, he’s already done (a) and (b), so why not direct and star in (c)!

Really, this movie seemed to be little more than a vehicle for Steve Buschemi to do some ‘serious’ acting and with a little lechery on the side.  The story is fairly simple: Steve Buschemi is a reporter on the downside of his career, sent to interview a TV star better known for her breasts than her acting.  He’s kind of an ass, she’s kind of an airhead.  They end up, a little gratuitously, up in her apartment to conduct the interview.  The interview is a clash of characters meant to illumine what makes these people the way they are.

What this movie lacks is interesting characters. When the movie is a character study, that’s a pretty serious flaw.  Both characters are a little cliché and the little plot is incredibly forced.  The acting was fine, but that was really the only decent thing about the movie.  I really expected better.

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