Mini-review: 2 Days In Paris

Uh oh, I have recently gained access to Netflix. This was easily one of the stupidest decisions in my life. How will I ever get work done anymore? Especially with their streaming videos. The first video to be streamed was this little gem, 2 Days In Paris. Written and directed by the lovely Julie Delpy, the movie is stylistically a bizarre twist between French and American cinema. It is full of the snappy one liners of an American comedy but the story is told through the conversational meanderings characteristic of French films.


The movie tells the story of a couple, Jack and Marion, on their way back from a vacation in Italy. They are taking a two day pit stop in Paris to visit the home of Marion’s before returning to New York. Their quibbling turns to anger as Jack meets more and more of Marion’s ex-lovers. As important to the movie as its characters is the city of Paris itself, which is presented as full of nymphomaniacs and racists.

It is not common that a movie is funny all the way through, but 2 Days In Paris definitely is. Even the more emotional parts are peppered with little jokes or incongruities. This is both good and bad; it’s quite entertaining, but it lacks any emotional punch. I guess it avoids the try-it-and-fail strategy of most comedies, but it made the movie seem a tad shallow. Similarly, everybody in Paris is a bit of a caricature. This is both immensely entertaining and slightly disappointing.

In the end the acting was good, the dialogue and situations were funny without being forced, and I’d watch it again anytime. I’d recommend it to anyone with a spare, bored moment.

Ladyhawke – “Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)” [mediafire]


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