Roman days

It has always interested me that, even though our money has been spent the same way for the last denariicouple thousand years – we need food and shelter above all – the cost of things has changed dramatically.  Think about it – food is virtually limitless these days.  You want tropical fruit?  You can just go to a store down the street.  A hundred fifty years ago, though, you could only buy what was locally grown.

Here is an article with what prices were in Roman times.  Have you ever wondered how many desert grapes you could have boughten for a Pannonian beer?  I’m sure you have, and now you’ll know.  But even over the past fifty years things have changed greatly.  Our shifting lifestyles are, to put it mildly, dramatic.  I wonder about our glorious video game future?

One thought on “Roman days

  1. I find the size of housing in the shifting lifestyles article interesting. Our family fits this. My father’s father lived in a house of about 1,200 sq. ft., my parents built a house in the 50’s that was about 2,400 sq. ft. and I bought one in the 80’s that is 3,200 sq. ft. Many people cannot believe that they could live in a smaller house, but that will be the future for most Americans.

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