The future is now

cyborgbeetleThe future is now, and it is the cyborg beetle! Yes I shit you not, this is as awesome as it sounds. I had a friend who tried to make a lobster prosthetic once, but apparently it gets all wet and the shell makes it more difficult than it should be. I can’t wait to make myself a cyborg ant, one day. The paper is here, detailing the cyborg in all its machine glory. It injects -1.5 V of current into ‘the brain’ which starts (or stops) the flying motion, then controls the left and right wings with current injected into the muscles. They can do some other nifty things by injecting current into ‘the brain’ as well. They try to make the beetle fly by giving it a virtual reality screen, but apparently that is less effective. Stupid intelligent beetles.

One thought on “The future is now

  1. I so want to see your cyborg ant…will it go in your new ant farm? Did you ever get ants?

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