Pictures: Salk Edition

I set up a flickr account last night. Actually, I reactivated a flickr account that I had apparently created three years ago which, mysteriously, contains one picture of Wawel Castle that I had taken long ago. Anyway, here are a few images of where I am currently working, the Salk Institute.

The parking lot at sunset. Yes, this is what I see every day when I go home and it is ridiculous.

This is the courtyard of the Salk. It has this beautiful stream going down to a pool and waterfall. It was built to look like the world just ends at the edge of the Salk. If you stand up a little taller, you can see the ocean contiguous with the Salk.

A picture of the Salk in the evening. I really like the colors here – the purple night sky with the gold lights shining onto the cement of the Salk and the vibrant green of the grass.

3 thoughts on “Pictures: Salk Edition

  1. yey, flickr friends! I need to get a camera so I can add more photos….

    also I tried the tilt thing you mentioned and I’ll upload my attempts. they look a little silly but it’s all good fun.

  2. Good pictures. Makes it look better than I remember.

  3. Nice pictures, Adam. I have been reading up on taking pictures at twilight, myself. Obviously, great minds think alike.

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