Congratulations to…

I’d like to give a heart congratulations to one of my arch-nemeses, Colin Farrell, for winning Best Actor In A Comedy at the Golden Globes last night.  It is a well-known fact that every movie he’s in is terrible, despite his pretty decent acting ability.  Now I haven’t seen In Bruges yet, but there’s one thing I’m pretty sure of: even if he did a good job at acting, I’m probably not going to like the movie.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to…

  1. Bruges is not a comedy. The only people who think it is are sick Hollywood types who don’t relate to the real world. This was the worst movie I saw last year and I can think of no redeeming virtues or any reason why a normal person would want to see this sick, sick movie.

  2. Yeah I’m really surprised the he won over James Franco or anyone else nominated, really. It’s a shock. I’m hoping it was a mistake or that his agent bribed people to vote for him. That movie is ridiculous, just judging from the previews. I’m also surprised that rottentomatoes has it at 81% approve.

  3. The movie “In Bruges” was my MOST hated movie of the year. Billed as a comedy, I found nothing funny about it. Shooting kids in the head…not funny.

  4. this reminds me of burn after reading…when the audience blew up in laughter during the ax murder scene towards the end.
    uhhhh, not funny. though adam, you disagreed.

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