Mind control

In possibly the strangest news I have heard in a long time, there is evidence that semen has mind control properties! Apparently drosophila semen have proteins that fight off rival male sperm and also alter the hormone balance in the female. The more semen the female is exposed to, the more the male ‘controls’ her sex drive.

Also, I’d read the other blog posts by the author of that article. They are, uh, pretty awesome?

tess-and-her-pink-purple-things_mBut gender is pretty interesting! How about the question of boys liking blue and girls liking pink? It seems pretty obvious to me that that is entirely socially transmitted, but some wacky folks want to claim it is biological. Of course, if it isn’t biological maybe we shouldn’t be dressing little girls up in pink all the time. The Straight Dope has an article discussing the history of pink as a ‘girls’ color and blue as a ‘boys’ color. A great quote:

A 1905 Times article said so, and Parents magazine was still saying it as late as 1939. Why pink for boys? Some argued that pink was a close relative of red, which was seen as a fiery, manly color…A color preference study of Caucasian and Chinese men and women showed both Caucasian and Chinese women strongly preferred red and pink, while Caucasian men strongly preferred blue and green. However, the Chinese men showed a broader range, with many picking red and pink — possibly because in China red is considered lucky.

Yup, definitely biological…for the last 100 years in the West. I am curious what an art-historical study would show? Well, let’s soothe everything down with some pictures of kids with their color-coded toys.

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