Food food food

As I said before, this blog is partially going to be used as a clearing-house for all the things I want to remember.  One thing I definitely need to remember are delicious recipes.  Here are a few of my favorites…

I really love to make eggs in tomato sauce.  They are simple and oh-so delicious.  Plus they look really gross, and everyone knows I like gross looking foods.

Another fun recipe is for huevos rancheros.  Harder to make and it looks slightly less gross, but it is very scrumcious.  Yummy!

I am okay with the recipe for empanadas that I have found.  It takes forever and it only tastes okay, but it makes the chicken so deliciously moist and flavorful.  I need to find a better recipe; when we had a Chilean living in our house, she made the most delicious empanadas in the world!  I need to steal her secrets

Also, I made scones a couple weeks ago and they were surprisingly delicious.  I think the deliciousness came from the blueberries I stole from my roommate, because we all know theft makes things taste better.

Finally, my mom sent me a couple of links to new york times articles.  The first is about how scientists are being their insightful little selves and improving cooking!  Yay us!  The other lists the things the trendy chef should and should not have in their cupboard.  Being the trendwhore that I am, this is very useful, nay, required information.  Now I must throw out my bread crumbs and bouilloun cubes!  And my cheap lemon juice must be replaced with extremely expensive lemons!  Thank you new york times for making my life a little bit more costly.


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