The Future Is Now!

I love the future. And by the future, I mean right now. Isn’t it 2009? Only one year left until 2010?? Where are my goddamn jetpacks? But apparently they had all sorts of good ideas in the past like, say, flying buses:

Flying buses!  With pulleys!

Flying buses! With pulleys!

Except instead of flying, they were pulled along on wires powered by strings attached to their wheels. Of course! Or more importantly, where are my gender-appropriate robot slaves (with a robotic dog with an arm?):

Robots for christmas

Robots for christmas

Anyway, someone has collected all sorts of sweet pictures of the future (from the past). My favorite has to be the one of the giant subway system. I’ve always loved looking at complicated infrastructure things, be they space colonies, subway systems, cities, or, of course, ANT COLONIES!


2 thoughts on “The Future Is Now!

  1. This is a back to the future moment. The ski bus shown above actually existed at Timberline.

    “Until 1948, skiers had to park in Government Camp and either walk or shuttle to Timberline. A new road to Timberline opened in the summer of 1949. The Skiway, an aerial tram consisting of a city bus suspended from cables, began operation in January 1951. The Skiway was slow, noisy, expensive and unreliable and went out of business after a few years. ”

    You can see a photo here:

  2. I really can’t believe that! How ridiculous! Who would think that’s a good idea? Sheesh. Good find, though.

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