If you know me, you know I love ants. Here are a couple of my favorite ant videos. I found both of them a few months ago, so most of you have probably seen them, but I wanted to save them for posterity.

The first is a video of ants making a boat out of their own bodies! Now that’s cooperation! Unfortunately, the kindly overlords of BBC won’t let me embed the video so you have to go to youtube to see it.

What I can embed is a video of an ant city. How cool! They have their own little city down there! And a bunch of well-meaning scientists went and killed all the little buggers. We’re a collection of cold-hearted bastards, us scientists.

Unfortunately, this city really is not that impressive. There is a supercolony of Argentine ants stretching 3700 miles. See? Even ants like suburban sprawl. What is interesting is that ants from either end of the supercolony will not attack each other, but will attack ants from a rival supercolony in Catalonia. I can’t wait for the first Ant World War.


3 thoughts on “Ants!

  1. Do ants need neuroscientists?

    And why are you connected to Hate Groups?

  2. I’m connected to hate groups?

  3. yes, look at the link above this response.

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